Cross4 Compute

Multi-cloud based Compute service: The absolute Freedom

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Cross4Compute is simply cloud instances that run on virtual machines which gives you great flexibility, more support and competitive cost advantage. You can set your system to select a cloud provider based on response time, price, or simply regulations in certain regions. Your main traffic can be distributed into various cloud providers to make sure you continue offering your services in case of regional downtime or a blackout.

Key Features

Monitor your multi-cloud instances from a single panel

Control virtual machine resource limits accross clouds

In the Cross4Cloud Admin Panel , you can fine-tune your cloud power usage and select one of the major cloud providers based on the most affordable pricing, the fastest upload rate and other available features. So, you can predict the behavior of your app, easily.

Select the most affordable choice or the one performs the best

Follow up the tips to make you save some bucks!