Cross4 Storage

Scalable, powerful and reliable object storage service for all size of applications. Store any data and consume it however you want.

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Cross4Storage is cloud-based object storage which utilizes the well-known cloud provider services as underlying technology and gives our users to be able to select one based on the most affordable pricing, the fastest upload rate and available features.

Key Features

Reliable and secure object storage

Cloud power usage types

In the Cross4Cloud Admin Panel , you can fine-tune your cloud power usage and select one of the major cloud providers based on the most affordable pricing, the fastest upload rate and other available features. So, you can predict the behavior of your app, easily.

Multiple redundancy options

Archival Storage you can actually use


Structure and query data the way you want

In Cross4Storage, you decide how to store the data. It can be tables, documents or collections. It is compatible with both NoSQL and SQL. So, it's your data, your decision. Pick the cloud provider you want and start to use Cross4Storage.

Strong security and privacy

Cross4Storage let's you interact with major cloud providers in the most secure way possible. Therefore, your data stays private to you.

Storage tiers based on the dynamism of your data

Cross4Storage classifies your data based on the dynamism of it. So, you pay less if your data is not “hot” - doesn't change and accessed frequently.