Cross4storage empowers users to leverage the strengths of multiple cloud providers for efficient and cost-effective object storage. By offering flexibility, seamless integration, cost optimization, enhanced performance, and feature-rich functionality, Cross4storage simplifies your object storage needs while enabling you to make informed choices tailored to your specific requirements.



Cross4storage is a cloud-based object storage solution that harnesses the power of leading cloud provider services as its underlying technology. It offers users the flexibility to select the most suitable cloud provider based on affordable pricing, fast upload rates, and available features. With Cross4storage, you can effortlessly store and manage your objects in the cloud, leveraging the benefits of various cloud providers to meet your specific requirements. Experience streamlined object storage with Cross4storage's seamless integration, cost optimization, and feature-rich capabilities.

Key Features

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Cross4storage empowers users to choose their preferred cloud provider for object storage. By supporting multiple cloud providers, such as Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and Google Cloud Storage, Cross4storage allows you to take advantage of the pricing, upload speeds, and features offered by different providers. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor your object storage solution to meet your unique needs and optimize costs.

Seamless Integration

With Cross4storage, integrating with your preferred cloud provider is effortless. The platform provides a unified interface that abstracts the complexities of working with multiple cloud storage services. You can seamlessly connect to your chosen provider, access your storage buckets, and perform operations such as uploading, retrieving, and managing objects, all through a single interface provided by Cross4storage.

Cost Optimization

Cross4storage enables cost optimization by allowing you to select the most affordable pricing options offered by different cloud providers. You can compare pricing models, storage tiers, and data transfer costs to make informed decisions and optimize your object storage expenses. This flexibility gives you the ability to adapt your storage strategy based on budget constraints and storage requirements.

Feature-Rich Functionality

Cross4storage leverages the diverse features offered by various cloud providers. Whether it's advanced data encryption, data lifecycle management, versioning, or other storage-related functionalities, you can harness the features provided by your chosen cloud provider through Cross4storage. This ensures that you have access to a wide array of capabilities for managing and securing your object storage.


Structure and query data the way you want

In Cross4storage, you decide how to store the data. It can be tables, documents or collections. It is compatible with both NoSQL and SQL. So, it's your data, your decision. Pick the cloud provider you want and start to use Cross4storage .

Strong security and privacy

Cross4storage let's you interact with major cloud providers in the most secure way possible. Therefore, your data stays private to you.

Storage tiers based on the dynamism of your data

Cross4storage classifies your data based on the dynamism of it. So, you pay less if your data is not “hot” - doesn't change and accessed frequently.

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