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Cross4Cloud is a SaaS platform that offers the opportunity to manage public cloud providers from a single point with a common language. Through C4C management panel, users can deploy, start and end the services and can monitor usage and pricing reports.


Created for professionals by professionals

A unified API to manage and consume cloud providers. No need to stick only one provider.

Smooth Learning Curve

Easy To Integrate

C4C gives your business the multicloud capability it deserves

Single API for multiple cloud providers you need. What you already know is enough to create something unique. Rest is a piece of cake.



City skyscrapers.

Ease of use...

Thanks to its clean API, you can utilize multicloud experience, regardless of your cloud expertise.

...combined with flexibility

C4C offers simultaneous use of public cloud providers with no hassle by providing users to select services that best suit their project through admin panel.

Discover the essential services#

Take a look at the C4C services below to learn how to keep your business and multiple public clouds integrated with C4C. See all services for more.


Offers virtual machine services through multiple public clouds based on response time, price or simply regulations in certain regions.



Allows the service usage and billing details of different cloud providers to be graphed and tracked on a single screen.



Uploads files on different providers at once to add more resilience to your mission critical applications or selects providers based on price, upload rate and more.



Allows developers to program functions across multiple cloud providers on a pay-per-use basis without having to provision storage or compute resources to support them.



Grants permissions to user by issuing web tokens to be able to consume online services



Organizes your data from different cloud providers simultaneously whether you are just starting out, or well established in a specific cloud provider's managed database service.


Brand new experience.
Easy to integrate.
All in one place.

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Easy to use

All you need is your next big idea. C4C got your back in implementation.

Picks the most affordable cloud provider instantly

C4C compares all major providers and picks the one that costs you the least, in real-time. To get started, see the pricing.

Scales smoothly

While your project is growing, your C4C account adapts seamlessly. Everything depends on your project. If you need more, you'll get more.


Unified Clouds API

C4C let's you use consume any cloud provider resource with the same request. No complicated migration processes involved.

Multicloud is not a monster, rather easy

You feel like having stuck in one platform? Have a single platform for multiple cloud providers' services. Isn't that amazing?

Whatever your cloud service needs, we integrate them smoothly with our multicloud bundle.

See Integrations

Blazing Fast

Thanks to the servers all around the world, the response and action time is incredible.

Powerful CLI

Managing your account right from your favourite terminal is easy-peasy. So, you don't have to stop feeling like a hacker.


Get your hands dirty with C4C Online Emulator#

Having doubts? Try supported C4C services using Online Emulator.

C4C Online Emulator
Online Emulator
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Run `help` to see available commands.


Frequently Asked Questions#

Having questions? We are here to help.


How many services does C4C provides?

Currently C4C provides 6 most-used services. However, gradually, more services and providers will be added to stack. you can see all supported services here.


Is there a free tier available?

No, but C4C scales as your project grows. So, you'll never pay more than you use. Start your plan and see how it goes. Take a look at pricing plans.


Can I change my billing plan after I start my project?

No, but C4C scales as your project grows. So, you'll never pay more than you use. Start your plan and see how it goes. Take a look at pricing plans.


When will the alpha version of C4C be available, publicly?

Within 6 months, the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) be available and the days go by the API will be developed.


Can I use C4C if I use only one cloud platform?

Totally yes! C4C is for everybody who has anything to do with cloud computing.


Having more questions?

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